The NFL has proven time and time again that they don’t represent our great nation, our history, or the sacrifices of our veterans. They have encouraged kneeling, supported Antifa, and banned the national anthem. It’s gone too far.

Finally, some states have had enough and have decided to fight back.

Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Idaho, four brave red states in the south, have decided to show the NFL who’s boss by deciding to ban NFL games within their borders. They cite the NFL’s “un-American disrespect for our flag” as the reason for this ban.

A spokesman for the Quadstate coalition, Joe Barron, issued this statement at a teleconference with reporters:

“With the recent events surrounding the NFL, we decided that action needed to be taken. The NFL has been sliding more and more to the left each year, and is now unrecognizable as an American sport. They are standing up for the rights of blacks, kneeling to bring attention to police brutality, and pandering to Americans. It’s gone on long enough.

As such, the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Idaho are prohibiting all NFL games in their states until such time that the NFL decides to be American again. This could be months or it could be years. It’s up to them. This will have a large financial impact on the league, and force them to reconsider their leftist stance.”

It’s great to see that American patriots are fighting back for their rights. Never before in history has communism been displayed so openly. With all of these corporations becoming more and more communist, perhaps it’s time to take a look at abolishing all corporations. This is the only way Americans will stop the spread of communism. We must break up and abolish corporations!

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  1. Stalin

    Breaking up companies like a NFT husband and a Zodiac sign wife will be very easy! USSR FOREVER BAYBEEE!!!

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