Your old favorite is back.  It’s the return of Jane Fonda, or should we call her “Hanoi Jane”, the sobriquet she once used for herself when giving enemy soldiers in Vietnam vital troop information.

This time, the Hanoister is up in arms about the Pledge of Allegiance being spoken daily in American schools, and she’s using the legal system to make her case.

“This is about freedom and democracy,” she huffed at a hastily called press conference in Queefblastery, Alberta.  Fonda hasn’t been allowed to live within the continental United States since 1988.

“Kids should not be indoctrinated into blase’ repetition of state rhetoric.  They should be free to be educated in whatever way that education calls for.  Not standing up like little soldiers, blabbering about concepts of ‘justice for all’ like they understand what it means.”

The suit she’s filed is with the ninth circuit municipal court in Tittybounce, New York, and calls for the removal of the pledge from daily instruction.  Teacher Joe Barron of Trump University has his own opinion about it.

“This is treachery, plain and simple.  Treason.  Even though the charge of treason can only be levied during wartime.  It’s still treason.  That’s what it is.”

Barron joins the massive population of undereducated dipshits in conservative Republican circles who continuously cry “treason” about literally everything.

In all of history, 13 people have been convicted of treason.  So simmer down, dum dums.


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