With the upcoming release of Disney’s newest and most stunningly gorgeous princess “Ariel”, there’s already a cool and suave magician coming hot on her heels, and his feature promises to blow away anyone with a broom up they’re you-know-what.

Former disgraced President Trump, seen here, about to poop out a fine example.

Continuing in the corporation’s minstratioms to do live-action remakes of their classic movies to reach a newer and more “woke” generation, Disney has made an announcement fawning over a new version of the hit animated musical “Fantasia”, which will star Hobbs and Shaw’s Idris Elba in the lead role.

Elba acknowledges the company’s bold reimaginig with a more colorful cast and hipper musical selections for the 2020’s.

“This isn’t your father’s Fantasia,” he said during a pickup hoops game in Harlem with manager Joe Barron.  “We have numbers with NWA, Drake, and even the Imagine Dragons for the pussy whiteys out there.  It’s going to be phat, yo.  No bout a doubt it.”

Whoopi Goldberg is also slated to have a co-starring role in the film because at this point, really, why not.

The film is being directed by Black Panther auteur Ebony Blackman, who is also set to helm Paramount’s newest “Dukes of Hazzard” program, tentatively titled simply : “Hazzard.”  No information is available yet about that at this time.


  1. Idris Ebola

    Hell yeah! It’s going to be better than the lion king, dumbo, mulan, and the sequel to the lion king live action reboot!

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