Elections in three states that carried Democrats have to be thrown out and rescheduled, according to a federal appeals judge.

Justice Art Tubolls of the 15th District US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled:

“Cases of verified voter fraud have been found in Minnesota, Wyoming and Delaware. The counties reporting issues are all Democrat strongholds. It’s obvious manipulation of our democracy.”

The White has released a statement that anyone caught interfering with a US election will pay the harshest of prices. “Election fraud is treason. You can swing from the gallows for that still,” Trump tweeted.

He’s right. Under article 41 section 13, a US election is as sacred as a sacrament. Jefferson himself wrote the passage that all men should have a vote, and all opposing that vote should hang. If that isn’t a case for voter ID, this writer doesn’t know what is.

In Minnesota, that van full of illegals that terrorizes the country and adds no less than 7 or 8 invalid votes in every election is suspected of hitting at least 104 polling places.

In Wyoming, voters who looked “older than 50” were turned away and told the machines were broken. They were given provisional ballots to mail in for the wrong election.Delaware was the worst. An entire town that had been lost since 1703 turned up and voted. Dem lawyers are arguing that their names were never officially removed from the record and no death certificates were issued.

Altogether, of the 10 million votes cast in those primaries, nearly 300 were fraudulent. Enough to tip the scales in a close race, especially if they were all from say…the same small town in Delaware. Fishy for sure.

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  1. Hello. I am Joe Biden. I have made it a constitutional rule to send all of your toasters to Flagg Eagleton, and also stamp “Flagg rules 4eva!” on them. Yeehaw Yeehaw America cowboy.

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