The United States Supreme Court met yesterday in order to start clearing up some important cases left over in their backlog of work.  One of those cases was Sandy Batt vs The State of California, a major CRT-related case.

CRT, or “Critical Race Theory”, is a school class that involves a person’s race being at the center of all legal and economic decisions made within the U.S. in the last century.  It has been in colleges, high schools, and private institutions since the 1960’s.

The Batt vs CA case began when Sandy Batt’s son, Hortence, received CRT instruction in his ninth grade education, and quickly afterwards, became an Antifa Black Lives Matter agent, who was arrested for public indecency when he wore a bikini top but no bottom to a Quinceinera.

Although the charges had nothing to do with the classes, the lawsuit was brought, and kicked up to the Supremes, claiming the classes had somehow “warped his mind.”

However, the court found no bearing on the arrest, concluded that Mr. Batt was a shit-wiggling wacky ass, and reinstated the proper teaching of CRT classes in all schools and universities.

The real question after this judgement, is if parents have any sort of say in their child’s education.  Well, the answer is clear.

No.  Not in common sense education and important life-experience classes to help prepare them for cold, hard, reality, absolutely not.

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