The Clinton Foundation, which has been given an A+ rating as a charitable organization, making it slightly more reputable than the Red Cross, has been ordered to cease operations. The CEO, Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, has been charged with fraud and a warrant issued for her arrest.

Following the news, which was first reported on InfoWars and then passed to other reputable news sources like Fox, Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh, the Clintons were nowhere to be found for an interview.

The reason for the shutdown is the alleged “pay for play” donations that saw rich and powerful terrorists gain access to Washington DC in exchange for cash. During Clinton’s time as Secretary of State, it’s been rumored that the 9/11 attack mastermind along with the creator of ISIS and Osama Bin Laden were all invited to the White House residence for ice cream sundaes and an evening of Scattergories.

Bin Laden, who trained the 9/11 terrorists, was then sent to Cheyenne Mountain to be sent off-world and kept safe from prosecution while Obama and Clinton staged his death. Documents linking the Clinton Foundation directly to General George Hammond of SG Command were the final piece of the puzzle.

The court, a non-binding entity comprised of morons with no real power, issued the warrant and made an announcement on their Facebook page that Chelsea was a person of interest and that the Clinton Foundation was to cease and desist all operations:

There you have it. Idiots have ordered things because they’re idiots, and if you got this far you’re an idiot, too.


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  1. Hello. I am Bill Clinton, but I am using Joe Biden’s account because I got bored. Me and Hillary have opened 900 new businesses after this article was made, and we also made custom UFOs to put over Alex Jone’s house when he is looking, because let’s be honest it is very funny. woke woke woke am I right wing now?

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