The Protests in Portland were covered, largely by the mainstream media, but what they didn’t observe was a deployment of private military culminating in a vicious attack on the Portland paramilitary sent by our dear leader Donald Trump involving Hillary Clinton’s hired henchmen the NFCA, financed by the Clinton Foundation! My sources lit up my phone about this, to tell me the lowdown thus far.

My source got involved with a message leak through an MSN conversation with one of the Clinton aids who was talking about her involvement with the protestors and what kind of input the Clintons were giving the rioters and the looters. The conversation turned to the firepower the Clintons and her foundation lavished on the demonstrators to overpower the good guys to stop whatever the so-called BLM movement had in store for the police. It was obvious it was a deep state conspiracy orchestrated by THE CLINTON FOUNDATION.

They have assisted the BLM movement with armed personnel called the NFAC, which coincidently were an all-black militia come to disrupt and to harm our boys on the thin blue line. The NFAC were given weapons by the Clinton Foundation, ammo, and rite of passage into Portland without being stopped. Only the Clinton foundation could pull off something so audacious.

A veritable war was set loose on the Portland residence and the trouble that ensued was culpable to the Benghazi incident.

The paramilitary sent by POTUS were no match for the quasi terrorist Militia, who were in control of several areas at that time, and the President’s men could not get a foothold even with tanks, sabo’ launchers and gas. It was a mess from the beginning and the war had already begun in some locations of the city when the NFAC launched their assault. The Clinton Foundation was not able to quote anything but our spokesperson on the ground, Joe Barron had this to say,

“It was a sad day for Americans and for the onlooking world. We are truly a country in distress and our trust in GOD has withered away. We see an ungodly unfearing society that has destroyed our democracy for the sake of a few lives mattering.

How can we acknowledge this as American? We are the civilised nation of free thinkers and great minds like Ben Shapiro and Charley Kirk! We are the country that gave you refrigeration and cars and oil. Does this not matter, unless we say black lives matter?”

True words thereby Joe and lest we forget the Dunkirk spirit and the spunk and the sand from Idaho beach in our boots, we will be overthrown by the extreme far leftists that reak havoc on our society!

We are the best Country in the Nation, why don’t we act like it?

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  1. Hello. I am Joe Biden. I invented invisibility capes so the chance of you finding the secret army is 70 times more difficult. Bwomp Bwomp.

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