Civil Rights Court Orders Biden To Have a Sit-Down With Kyle Rittenhouse

Judge Horace Detmeyer Phelps of the Federal Civil Rights Oversight Court of Appeals, has ordered President Joe Biden to have a meeting with Kyle Rittenhouse under the Executive Transparency Act of 1902.

The court, established by Article 14 of the US Constitution, ensures that the rights afforded by that sacred document, including the freedom to speak truth to power, is upheld by the government.

According to the court, Biden’s refusal to meet with Rittenhouse after having him investigated for federal hate crimes constitutes a breach of the public trust. Rittenhouse can sue for damages of up to 1 percent of the cash on hand at the US Treasury, or just over $6 billion.

It’s unlikely a judge would award him the whole amount, but it sure would be nice to see it happen. That right there would be the spirit and the letter of the law at work.

Biden hasn’t set a date yet. The court gave him three weeks to comply. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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