While Jeffrey Epstein has now been dead for several months after having committed “suicide” in his jail cell, the investigation into his past activities continues to ensnare numerous politicians and celebrities. This includes the recent discovery that Adam Schiff, who oversaw the impeachment of President Trump, sent 256 emails to Epstein.

With each discovery of the involvement of people like the Clintons, George Soros, Bill Gates and Adam Schiff, all of which availed themselves of free trips to Epstein’s Island for lavish and lewd parties involving satanic Pastafarian rituals, animal sacrifices and other things not fit for print, the level of depravity of those involved has become more clear.

And now, in what has to be the most egregious example of how depraved those in Epstein’s orbit truly were, the ongoing Dept. of Justice investigation in the Southern District of New York has uncovered the latest scandal: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sent her OWN daughters to Epstein’s Island so that they could provide certain “services” at his parties. The term “bad parenting” does not do this crime justice.

The events took place over 20 years ago when Pelosi’s daughters were still very, very young, and Pelosi herself was still in the early stages of her political career and desperate for political favors. SDNY spokesman Joe Barron explains:

“Let’s face it: at the time Ms. Pelosi was a young politician full of ambition but with few connections. Enter Jeffrey Epstein, who had many powerful politicians in his circle of friends. As such, Mr. Epstein had the power to make or break politicians. But all that came at steep price.

As our investigation has uncovered, Ms. Pelosi was so desperate to advance her career that she agreed to pay the price, which in her case was to sacrifice her own daughters. This was the beginning of her path to eventually become Speaker of the House.”

What her daughters were forced to do was nothing short of heinous. According to an affidavit of probable cause that we were permitted to review, their duties included:

  • baking cakes for the party guests
  • walking their dogs
  • performing lifeguard duty on the main guest beach
  • parking private airplanes on the island’s landing strip and performing routine maintenance
  • overhauling the engines on guests luxury yachts
  • changing the oil on Epstein’s Bentley
  • reprogramming the island’s automated defense systems

The truth may sometimes take time to come out, but it is always right there in front of you.

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  1. Hello. I am Joe Biden. Jeffery Epstein was oddly kind to those girls, probably because they looked ugly in Jeffery’s eyes, which is probably one of the rarest possible things that could happen to a child on Epstein island.

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