Following an incident at a municipal swimming facility in Dearborn Michigan this week, where Muslim woman reported not feeling “comfortable,” City Council, under pressure from Rep. Rashida Tlaib, proposed and passed a law which states that all women should be entirely covered when using the city’s swimming facilities.

According to the new city ordinance, only the hands and face may remain bare. The rule would only apply to women.

The incident in question raised concerns that the cultural beliefs of Muslims was not being fairly represented, as Muslim women did not feel comfortable bathing among “infidels,” as was reported by local news outlets.

This produced a frenzied outcry from Tlaib’s office, supported by the office of AOC, who immediately contacted City Council members to enact the change. Bathers ready to escape the summer heat will be quite surprised when they return to the pool next week!

While protests to the change will certainly be swift and indignant, Tlaib seems to show an utter lack of awareness of what day and age it is. Said Tlaib to local reporter, Joe Barron:

“It wasn’t so long ago that the Puritan tradition also asked women to indulge in a little humility. Maybe it is time that we all return to those kinds of roots, where women knew their place and what was acceptable decorum for polite society.”

When asked about whether this was an attack on the rights of women generally, Tlaib deflected by referring the reporter to AOC.

“I follow her lead in pretty much everything I do. If she says that it is the right thing to do, I do it, and so should you. That woman is never wrong!”

Maybe it is time that Tlaib, and Ocasio-Cortez for that matter, cracked open that pocket version of the Constitution they carry around and have a look-see about that whole “One Nation Under God” part. Who will remind them that is is not “One Nation Under Muhammad”??!?

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  1. One Nation Under Satire

    The deep end of the pool scares me because it too big. HELP! – trump.

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