It looks like Bill O’Reilly is in position for a dramatic rebirth of popularity.

When the internet rumors were confirmed that his newest venture, The O’Reilly Hour’ would be replacing tired venerated talker The View on ABC television’s new season lineup, there were complaints of pinhole vision, conservative bias, and foul smelling body odor in the studio.  But when the show started this week on Monday, that all went out the proverbial window.

Appearing, again, from 10 a.m. until 10:15 a.m. on weekdays, the O’Reilly Hour cleaned up handily in the ratings, scoring a .50 with adults between the ages of 65 and 110.  That’s some serious lookie loo bonanza, right there.

Unfortunately, at this time, the program is only available on ABC’s exclusive app “A Blumpkin C”, which can be downloaded on any Roku or similar device for only $39.95 per week.  At this time, only O’Reilly’s show and reruns of Small Wonder are available on the app.

Showrunner Sandra Batt told the press that O’Reilly really connects with his audience in ways that friends Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity do not.

 “He really loofah sponges them with his insights and his severe battery of females, especially those in his family on staircases.  I’ve personally been attacked by Bill on numerous occasions and can tell you, boy, were those beatings.”

It’s amazing how ratings extravaganzas like this show and Fox News’ The Five can clean up in the ratings when Fox merely pays some airports and doctor’s offices to feature their network and their target audience falls asleep or dies during the broadcast.  It looks like Bill is taking that to heart.

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