President Joe Biden is planning to award Brittney Griner the Medal Of Freedom, who spent 10 months in a Russian prison.  Griner, a lesbian, brought illegal drugs into Russia on a basketball tour of the country.  She was there to cash in on her “skills” as women’s basketball is not profitable in the US.

Griner, who is about as anti American as it comes, will be a featured guest at Biden’s State Of The Union address, where Biden will place the medal around her neck and extol her virtues as a great American success story and a great American all around.   It should be mentioned that Brittney Griner is a kneeler, and had kneeled several times at the Star Spangled Banner.

Ms Griner, who is a lesbian and married to a woman, kneels every time she sees a flag. Once at an IHOP, a patriotic restaurant patron was wearing an American flag t-shirt, said to be made of an actual American flag, she immediately called the customer bad names and kneeled saying ANTIFA would get him someday.

She was in the Russian prison for carrying marijuana, a highly potent and addictive drug which she planned on injecting to boost her performance at basketball. Usually marijuana injection is for competitive eating, video gaming and nodding off on the couch, but for this story, the pot can totally make you better at basketball. And being a lesbian.

What Biden is thinking, planning on an entire ceremony of pomp and circumstance complete with a parade, dancing Boston terriers and jello is beyond any of us patriots here at America’s Last Line Of Defense.  It’s just more proof of Joe Biden’s dementia. Hopefully Nancy Pelosi doesn’t spike the jello with vodka again.  God bless America.


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