Biden Hasn’t Sold One Build Back Better Hat

The truth is right there in front of you

Biden, seen here, calmly supervising a White House blumpkin orgy.

Joe Biden tried to be Donald Trump, and he failed spectacularly.  When Biden took the White House, he had his people run to China to get merchandise to sell to his supporters. Problem is, his supporters either don’t have jobs or don’t care. While Donald J Trump sold millions of MAGA hats, Biden hadn’t sold one Build Back Better hat. Not one. It was a waste of millions of dollars.

Biden thought he was slick and could jump on the Trump merchandise train, but it seems that nobody cares. Call it embarrassment, or regret.  Millions of Biden voters now regret voting for Biden and wished they would have voted for Trump, and they’re showing it with their wallets.  Trump did everything better, including merchandising. Donald Trump even sold his own straws, while Biden can’t sell his infrastructure deal, which he stole from the Trump administration.

There are no Biden hats, no Biden flags, no Biden Christmas ornaments (Democrats hate Christmas anyway) no Biden shirts, shoes, decorative ashtrays, no bowling balls, napkins, no Build Back Better coffee mugs or dog collars, no pick up trucks emblazoned with Biden’s image, nothing.  It’s almost as if Biden voters don’t love Biden! How could he possibly have won the election when nobody is wearing his merchandise? Inquiring minds want to know…..

The answer is simple, said presidential merchandise historian Joseph Barron   “Biden voters don’t love Biden” he said. Ah ha! We knew it!  Barron continued, “only people in a cult would make a politician their entire identity, it’s really weird. They don’t even wear shirts with Jesus, but they’ll tattoo Trump all over their bodies”. That is kinda weird. Obviously they’re just not that into Joe, right? It’s gotta be that….

Never in American history have we ever seen the adoration for a political figure like Trump. Especially when he really did a pretty crappy job as president. Sure, we don’t see jacked up pick up trucks with 42 Biden flags and misspelled phrases written in soap on the back Windows, but that doesn’t mean that Biden supporters hate Biden. It just means they’re not easily led psychopaths who long for a dictator like regime to rule over them until the end of time. Crazy how that works. God bless America.