Biden Forgets Fallen Soldier’s Name In Call To Grieving Parents

(F. Eagleton ~ ALLOD) – President Joe Biden made a fool of himself and insulted a gold star family when he forgot a fallen soldier’s name during a call to the young hero’s parents. According to sources close to The Gateway Pundit,  Biden’s call was a disgrace from the start.

“Mr. And Mrs. Barron,” Biden said, remembering their names at least, “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your son’s service.” Right off the bat, Biden goofed, as PFC Jo Barron was short for Josephine.

It only got worse from there when Biden added “I think I met Dan in Iraq when I visited in 2009 with Barack.” Biden has never been to Iraq, and Jo would have been 12.

The parents, at that point, hung up and sent an email to former President Donald Trump, asking him to please get back in the White House and stay there for good.

God bless America.

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