Actor Alec Baldwin may be in trouble now.  After his preliminary hearing, Judge Joseph Barron of the 8th circuit court has set a date for the big murder trial, and levied a five billion dollar bail payment.  That’s no small potatoes.

Especially to Alec Baldwin. Although he’s a star of stage and screen from Beetlejuice and the Mission Impossible series, to tv’s 30 Rock and Clerks : The Animated Series, he’s most certainly not worth five billion.

Ex-wife and movie bitch Kim Basinger had some comments about Baldwin’s particular misogynistic tendencies.

“He was one of those lonely incel conservatives growing up, you know?  All fat, not real good looking.  Hated women in general.  He used to keep me in a giant cage in the bedroom and monitor my periods.  Yeah.  This was while I was doing L.A. Confidential.  It’s no wonder he killed that broad.”

Trial judge Barron is concerned that Baldwin will try to run to a non-extraditionary country before the process gets into full effect and levied the huge bail as a deterrent.

Alec has been reportedly reaching out to the people that might loan him the cash, like Twitter CEO Elon Musk and Microsoft’s Bill Gates.  So far, no dice on either.  Sorry, Alec.  You might be on the hook for this one.


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