The crazy just got crazier. For “them,” its just business as usual but, for America, it means liberals can do and say what they want to shut us down! Democrats were rubbing their hands as, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi struck the right side of the isle dumb as she ranted at the bench.

It was a speech that none of the Conservative congressmen had witnessed since Mrs. Pelosi’s outrageous fall from sobriety last month.

“Freedom of speech isn’t all that and we don’t really need a first amendment because we can just tell people to shut up and shut them down.

You have too much to say and now we are going to be in deliberation if we can amend the freedom of speech thing. You know the thing that you hide behind when you are being so called patriots but in reality its just an excuse to be a racist!”

The house was in an uproar as the youngest and newest crazy, Alexander Ocasia-Cortez interjected after Pelosi gave her time on the floor.

“Its about time we did something really radical with the constitution and giving the first amendment an over haul would make our lives so much easier.

Look at all the arguments we could solve without a first amendment, look at the other freedoms it would unlock like, asking others not to talk to them on a subway train. We could silence people without putting them in prison and make laws to bolster a new amendment with consequences.

I think we need an order to promote this idea and I for one will lobby this idea for my liberal friends.

Yes, I agree to amending the first amendment if not just getting rid of it entirely as it stands at the moment. It’s going to be so modern and not one bit fusty!”

Everyone was agog with apoplectic with shock as Republican Senator Art Tubolls had to have three security guards lead him out of the senate whilst he shouted.

“1776, this is how it happens, this is how it ends! The deep state at work! I want to speak to the traitor who’s doing this to us!”

The First Amendment has always been a stumbling block for the democrats as everyone knows they dislike people talking about immigrants and black people and sharing ideas that they never thought about first!

They want to cut out our tongues and use them for neckties, while they have the freedom (the people don’t have) because of our beloved first amendment being engineered to work for the liberal agenda and not “we the people.”

We are closely watching this and taking notes and names for the reckoning that will obviously happen due to the democrats meddling in our freedoms!

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  1. Hello. I am Joe Biden. Some of the genuine junk news site need their first amendment rights not just revoked but thrown into the same volcano as the one that the ring from LOTR was thrown into. Also, AOC = GYATT

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