During the Republican National convention, President Trump spent a lot of time covering the dangers and ill-advised policies of a Biden administration.  An America under the supervision of the radical Democrat candidate seems, at least to his watchful eye, a disaster in the making with our very lives and freedoms in serious jeopardy.

Vice President Pence also added that his love was in jeopardy. Bayybeee. Oooh. Oooh ooh ooh.

Just recently, Biden confirmed one of those very fears during a campaign speech at the Joe Barron Jewish community center in Pohtaytoe, Virginia, referring to the sacred and God-blessed second amendment right of all Americans to own and use firearms at any time anywhere for any reason whatsoever as “obsolete.”  Clearly, this is either a case of Trump being right on the money, or a satirical article to drive gullible trumpers into blood pressure fits.

Supporters of the President constitute the country’s least educated and most violently gullible of citizens, and do, in fact, believe idiotic things about the amendment that are laughably untrue.  Such as that it’s purpose is to fight the government should it become tyrannical.  Sure, Jethro, they went through all the work of designing a country and government the likes of which the world had never seen, and then put in a self-destruct button in case you didn’t want to wear a mask, you pussy.

“Did someone say pussy?”

The truth is, there have only been two times the second amendment has been threatened in recent memory.  The first was when Trump himself suggested “taking the guns and worrying about the legal stuff later.”  The second was when Trump lied and said that Biden was coming after it.  To no great shock, Trump’s parade of happy dipshits ignored the first and blew their own balls off about the second.

The history of gun-grabbing is long and storied, and always pushed as a fear tactic by republicans.  Although the total number of guns confiscated by democrats remains at a steady “0”, it doesn’t stop the gullible from believing.


  1. Bob Bryan

    Well HIDIN BIDEN needs to look in the MIRROR there he will see OBSOLETE looking back at him !

    • Kid named Obsolete

      Hey there bob! Howya doin?

  2. Connor O'Hara

    Yeah, he was obsoleted years ago. Like way back when he was a kid, he was obsoleted. He hasn’t ever been soleted.

    • silento (whip and nae nae)

      Ye watch we whip, and watch me nae nae lol

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