Kamala to Host ‘People of Color Movie Marathon’ in Rose Garden

Damn Baby! What did you do to your hair!

They are saying Kamala Harris is the first woman and woman of color to hold an office as high as Vice President. She says that means there are some big, big changes coming.

First and foremost, she plans to host events at the White House. She says since she has an office there, she will have every right to do whatever she pleases on the sacred grounds.

This includes her first event, a movie marathon of African-American significance. First on the list is “The Help” followed by the five-part mini-series from 1985 called “North and South” starring Patrick Swayze.

Look, it was Kirstie Alley before we knew she was a batshit crazy Trumper.

Kamala intends to have a Who’s Who of African Americans on the invite list with President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama as special guests. You can expect to see Michael Jordan, Jay Z, Don King. Al Sharpton, Al Roker, among many others to be there!

Art Tubolls, party planner and organizer says she is excited to have the steady flow of business.

“The Rose Garden is a beautiful venue for an outdoor movie event. There is plenty of room for a big screen. Jill plans on putting all of the rose bushes back since Melania ruined the place while she was here. We can put out some folding chairs. Folks can bring a picnic lunch and cozy up on blankets. It will be  grand time!”

The budget for these events comes in right under $15 million for the first year, and $20 million each year after. Oprah is said to be offering up the rights to many of the movies in exchange for exclusive press rights on her network.

The only regret is that Patrick Swayze will be unable to attend. He has previous engagements. He will be there in spirit.

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