Megastar Kathy Griffin is, it’s safe to say, “controversial.”  As a comedianne, her stand up routine regularly draws thousands of fans and admirers.

It was when she was photographed holding a faux severed head of, at the time, President Donald Trump, that her career took a downslide.  Choosing to wear her liberal credibility and bona-fides so outwardly had cost her the dedication and money of many conservative supporters.

Tucker Carlson himself stopped masturbating to her immediately.

Now, however, ready and itching for a comeback, she’s been granted a once-in-a-liferime opportunity at television stardom – starring in the new NBC sitcom “I Love Lucy”, an updated and reportedly “woke” version of the classic old show.

Joe Barron, the network’s program director and purveyor of fine imported Corinthian leather, told assembled media sources that he was delighted with the deal.

“Kathy is a wonderful person, and she’s going to make a great Lucy Ricardo.  There will be a few changes, though, for the ‘woke’ crowd and stuff.

‘Fredericka’, her lifemate, will be played by Whoopi Goldberg.  Her best friends will be Asian Chippemdale’s dancers.  It’s gonna be great.”

The show is scheduled to begin production this week, and will hopefully be airing in primetime in all markets by this coming Christmas.  What an amazing and timely gift, right Trumptards?


  1. Chris krieg

    I wouldnt watch ANYTHING that Kathy Griffin is in given her past vastly inapropiate twisted liberal views.

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